Durgur Opoth


Durgur Opoth was a Zabrak born in The Wheel, in the Mid Rim. He learned a good amount about martial arts from his father, primarily hand to hand and Melee Weapon combat.

His father worked as a gladiator to provide for Durgur. After earning too many wins, Durgur’s father was attacked and murdered by thugs in their home. These thugs made the decision to kidnap Durgur, but because of his martial training, they had a hard time doing it.

The thugs brought Durgur to a ship of theirs, revealing their professions as pirates. The leader, a female devaronian, decided to accept Durgur, and even served as a sort of surrogate mother.

When he was older, Durgur became sort of a bruiser amongst the crew, and served as the leader’s personal bodyguard. Due to their leader’s cunning, the crew stayed afloat for a long time, but eventually fell to a group of House Tresario Bounty Hunters.

Durgur escaped capture and possibly execution at the hands of bounty hunters via an escape pod, but is now at rock bottom in terms of money and friends. Now, he has to make due with his skills in combat as a hired gun in the fringe until he’s able to learn more about the attack on his crew.

Durgur Opoth

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